A dream Japanese-style hotel where have a romance under the Heian dynasty in Ise

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Enjoy elegance of Heian and tradition of Ise to your heart’s content.
Taking a commemorative photo wearing “Junihitoe” which is a layered kimono worn by a Japanese court lady on a ceremonial occasion.

Our Junihitoe is an original designed influenced by the geometrical patterns of Saio-no-Miya, and crafted by Kyoto craft masters.

Let our friendly staff pamper and guide you in fitting our Junihitoe.

・Visit our front desk at the first floor to reserve your turn

・A turn is worth 1,500 yen per person

・Only our guests may join the event


Bansugoroku is a game played with two people using white pieces and black pieces. The rule is simple. Just you throw the dice, and the number on the dice will tell you how far you can go on the thin square board. The player who goes into the other player’s position will be a winner. Please enjoy it feeling the difference from Othello and shogi.


Kaiawase is a game played during the Heian period pairing the two pieces of a clamshell. People enjoyed matching them and looking the beauty of them.


You can print handmade Ise paper patterns on the postcard with your favorite color. Why don't you send it to your precious person from Ise?

contact TEL:0596-39-6611

516-4402 1165-1, Ikenoue, Sochi-cho, Ise-shi, Mie, Japan

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